Results of the Review of Entries for New Travel Plans in Ishigaki Island


In January of 2015, in both Tokyo and Taipei (Taiwan), committees held reviews for “USIO Design Project #02 Recruiting Travel Designers: Design a Trip that Only Ishigaki Island Can Provide”. As a result of serious discussion and selection, let us introduce you to the plans that won the 10 Travel Designer awards and 6 Good Idea awards out of the 212 travel plans that were submitted.

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Announcing the results of the Redesigns of Local Specialty Products Project!


On December 13th, 2013, the judges for the USIO Design Project got together. After a rigorous review of 431 works submitted to the project by 204 creators, we are happy to announce that the following works have been chosen as the winning designs.

Detailed product descriptions and comments from the judges, among other things, will be published soon. Thank you all so much for your submissions!

USIO Design Project 珊瑚石

Human Scale

I think the theme of this topic is probably best described as “Human Scale”

When we were getting ready to kick off this project we talked to a lot of different people. Each of them used various expressions and words, but a common topic that they all brought up was “thinking about our own immediate lifestyles” and “incorporating the objects around us more into our daily lives”.

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