Roooots 名産品リデザインプロジェクト

Case Study: Redesigns of Local Specialty Products

Loftwork Inc., which is the organizer for the USIO Design Project, has previously rolled out the Roooots Specialty Products Redesign Project four times.
Through this initiative, some 100 local products including foods and crafts from various locations from Niigata to Kagawa have been redesigned. You can check out all the Roooots products here.

Roooots – Setouchi Specialty Products Redesign Project

The Roooots project has given birth to an endless array of stories and unexpected collaborations including: the creator who discovered a newfound specialty by participating in this redesign project; the little local sake manufacturer who went on to win a number of global design awards; the magic that unfolded when a creator from Cyprus came together with a confectionary company in Kagawa; the soba noodles company which witnessed a 20-fold jump in profits; and the care facility which was able to add an extension to its factory. We look forward to seeing what kind of stories and encounters stem from the USIO Design Project!

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