USIO Design Project 珊瑚石

Human Scale

I think the theme of this topic is probably best described as “Human Scale”

When we were getting ready to kick off this project we talked to a lot of different people. Each of them used various expressions and words, but a common topic that they all brought up was “thinking about our own immediate lifestyles” and “incorporating the objects around us more into our daily lives”.


Tim from FabCafe Taipei was telling us how people in Taiwan are also starting to really value quality and simplicity in necessary commodities like food, clothing and housing. So, for instance, Taiwanese people would be really attracted to user-friendly food products from Ishigaki if they knew the stories behind the products, about who makes them and how they are made.

2013-09-07 10-39-35
▲Tim (left) is the architect who was actively involved in launching the Taipei-based digital fabrication café, Fab Café Taipei.

The USIO Design Project was created in a bid to unveil and share the stories behind the island, its people, local knowledge and culture, and how these relate to the local products. Today, at 1p.m. we will hold a briefing session for local manufacturers on the island. We hope that many of them can join us today and we look forward to meeting them!

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